Virtual Makeover & Makeover Solutions CMS    2013-2014
Role: UX, UI

Launch Tool   
Mary Kay

Virtual Makeover is a main technology property for StyleCaster Media Group. Virtual Makeover holds thosands of celebrity hairstyles and make ups that can be applied on top of user's uploaded photo. The product is licensed to multiple publishers as well as beauty companies such as Mary Kay.

For beauty companies, brand managers can access Makeover Solutions CMS and create customized tool that can live on their site. In CMS, brand managers can schedule product deployment that reflects on the tool, approve looks submitted by users and finally customize feature set. The technology has been utilized by companies such as L'oreal, Fekkai, Mary Kay, Avon and many more.

Virtual Makeover Tool

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CMS Early Exploration

Makeover Solutions CMS

Tool Integration on Mary Kay