Impact Dashboard   2016

Role: UX, UI, User Research


SheKnows is building influencer network platform called Momentum where marketers can deploy campaigns by tapping into one of thousands influencers within SheKnows network. This site gives brief insight and ROI that marketers can attain by using the platform. The site was first introduced during the New Fronts Conference 2016 and was built in less than a month from ground up.

After interviewing internal key stakeholders and gathering requirements for this 1st iteration, I've put together a quick wireframe. The main requirement was to drive future customers to have phone conversation with SheKnows sales managers. 

Momentum_Wireframe (2)Momentum_Wireframe (2)

After a brand manager completes the form, she will see brief metrics on how and where she needs to target her audience. The site shows sample set of key influencers and call to action to schedule a phone conversation with one of SheKnows sales managers.


The site was designed and built in 3 weeks time. The main goal was to showcase SheKnows' influencer network platform during the New Fronts Conference 2016 and this site was a marketing driver to get brand managers excited about SheKnows' capability. The main metrics we looked out for was a conversion to phonecalls with SheKnows' sales managers. After the showcase, SheKnows received more than 200 phone calls in its first week and thousands of engagements on the site.

ImpactFlow_2 CopyImpactFlow_2 Copy