hangoutKid    2007-Present

Role: Creative Direction, UX, UI, Directing, Video Editing
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hangoutKid is simply a lifestyle. In 2007, I went to the LCD Soundsystem show at Studio B (RIP) in Greenpoint and I was immediately captivated by the energy that triggered motivation to start documenting different events in New York City. This soon became sort of a personal video diary and the format was in between music video and a documentation. The video documentation went on for 3 years which I recorded over 100 events on lots of minidv tapes. I trimmed down to about 30 events, edited videos of those events and created a site dedicated to this very lifestyle. I still record on and off with iPhone6 instead of camcorder and a steadicam. In addition, hangoutKid is also a moniker I used for my music.