Personal Project

Feb 2017


Slack Extension/Mobile App


feedbag app design


After finishing my program at Hyper Island, I came back to New York and worked for a same company past 3 1/2 years until I quit my job last summer. At Hyper Island, we were giving and receiving feedbacks to each other on daily basis. This was an intense process but also very rewarding since you can feel so much caring in your group. I missed this culture where I didn't really find it in real world.

After Susan Fowler's story broke out, I began to reflect on a performance review and making notes on all the disappointments I had during that process. I felt like there can be a better solution so I started to jotting down ideas.


I wanted to make feedback culture a routine rather than once in a 6 months thing for employees. Performance reviews often feel dreadful and make you feel you are guilty of something even though you have done such a hard work through out the year. I began to look at what is possible with the tools we use on daily basis.

Since Slack is highly used communication tool at work, I began to note ideas about creating service that can deviate from Slack. In addition, I took a look at the feedbacks that I got from my friends from Hyper Island. This gave me inspiration on UI and UX. And the app design was initiated.


The app encourages team members to exchange mini feedbacks frequently in a nut shell. When you log in with Slack, the app will import members of your team. You will see a team member you haven't gave a feedback for a while first. Once you tap on your colleague's profile photo, you will be prompted with specific feedback question.

The tool's purpose is to create an environment where employees feel appreciated and discover their weaknesses through feedback. The main insipiration came from the difference of feedback and critiques. Feedback has air of caring whereas critique embodies superiority and condescending tone. The UI inspiration comes from sticky feedback notes I got from my colleagues at Hyper Island.